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Friday, December 16, 2011

Police Officer shoots chained dog while 3 year old pleads for the dogs life

In Gulfport, Mississippi the same city where Melmo was viciously killed by a cop in March, another chained dog has been shot.

Monday, December 12th police offers were serving a search warrant. Spook was chained in the adjacent yard when he was brutally shot by a police offer who ignored the pleas of a three year old little girl to spare her dogs life. The family was not allowed to seek immediate medical attention for Spook.  Two hours later the Police took Spook to a veterinarian of their choice where they had Spook put down without consulting the owner.

Comment by Spook's owner

1.            This sweet pooch was loved by the neighbors.
2.            The end of the leash is about three car lengths from the front door.
3.            Technically, the leash was tied to a tree in my mother’s yard, next door, and it is more in the side of the yard rather than the front. (refutes sudden lunging)
4.            When the officer pulled out the gun, my children, who were right there, begged him not to shoot. (refutes unexpected or surprise attack)
5.            They had a search warrant for “cocaine and drug legers” and after searching for hours, found no such thing.  Also, because they had a search warrant, they watched my house for a long time, knowing full well he was no threat. 
6.            When shot, Spook was bleeding, and they refused to let us help him or take him to a vet.
7.            two hours after shooting, they took him to a vet in Long Beach.  The  vet said that he did not have the skill or equipment to try to save him.
8.            without consulting with me, GPPD authorized putting to sleep.
9.            GPPD took Spook from the vet, and did not return him to me.
10.            I feel lost without my baby boy.  I feel violated and unprotected 
How can we get justice for Spook and how can we insure that our pets are safe from the police who are suppose to protect and serve us?


Mark's Mews said...

There are too many policemen who should not be allowed to carry guns. They don't understand that possessing one does not give "007 licensed to kill rights".

Prancer Pie said...

This made of a little throw-up come up in the Mom's mouf. People who will hurt innocent animals WILL hurt other people. This makes us sick, too.

Anonymous said...

Sue the shit out of them, make them accountable. Teach them they will have to pay, if they do this again.

Anonymous said...

Sue them! They need to be held accountable for their actions. This kind of thing is happening far too many times with the police. People need to stand up and let them know that we won't put up with it anymore. You have my condolences. That is a terrible thing to go through and for your children to see. I hope you get justice for Spook.

chantay huffman said...

suing wont stop them from killing, they need a new police chief,force the bastards take their pathetic power away,they will be slapped in the face of reality that they are nothing & will continue to remain stagnant in their own waste of life!

Bob P said...

I've long ago disabused myself of the fairy tale that these trigger happy sadists are the public's "friends".

Buddy Box said...

What needs to happen is with the technology we have now, every invasion or approaching of any home should be video'd by the cops. "Probably is already" Then there has to be consequences for killing animals for no reason. At this point, there is no consequences so the cops anxious in some cases to pull the trigger, shoots them for the heck of I guess. Maybe if everyone wrote their congressman, something may change but until something changes, this will not stop! Makes me absolutely sick at my stomach!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit!

Windy said...

Buddy Box. I wish our congress cared. They don't. I've written them so often on incidents like these, requesting they make it clear such acts are illegal everywhere in these united States of America. I never even get a response and there have been no bills brought to the floor to address any of the issues related to the behavior of the police all across this nation. This is something we are all going to have to work on at the local level, through your local government. If they won't listen, or listen but don't act, make some noise on the radio, local TV, and in the papers, until they cannot ignore the issues any longer without serious political consequences (no re-election) keep making noise until they actually act!

Anonymous said...

your dog was tied to a tree...maybe you should be tied to a tree

Alasandra said...

Anonymous, first off Spook isn't my dog. I don't even know the owner. Secondly if you read the link then you know Spook is normally an inside dog. He was tied up outside to a tree so he could go to the bathroom.

Irregardless of WHERE the dog was at and why he did NOT deserve to be shot by a trigger happy cop.

Anonymous said...

Sue these bastards!!! They violated your rights on so many levels, and acted in the most high handed and egregious manner-- the only thing that will ever stop the slaughter is hitting these cretins in their pocketbooks! Once police departments and their stupid cops (who shouldn't have badges in the first place) LOSE MONEY, they'll start acting (and I do mean 'acting') like they have human feelings and cease murdering so many family dogs!

Anonymous said...

That is just awful thing to do in front of a child. Thank you so much for remembering Marley's Birthday. That was so thoughtful. Going to finally do a new post today. Been sick now for awhile. Computer does not work half of the time either. I recently adopted a new cat that kinda looks like your beloved Whiskers..his name is Clarkie. Hes 13yr old. He belonged to my 97 yr old neighbor who passed away recently. She knew I loved Clarkie and Him me. She even left provisions for him..which does help out alot. Hope you guys had Happy Holidays!