The Last Meow

The Last Meow is dedicated to all the pets who died or became seriously ill due to the Menu Foods Pet Food Recall, and the fur siblings they left behind.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whiskers' ~The Wonder Cat

These are a few pictures I had of Whiskers on this computer. The pictures I have of him as a kitten were taken before I had a digital camera, and many of the other pictures I have of him have been saved to a CD, but due to a big foot (I won't say whose) this computer no longer has a CD drive that works.

Both my Hubby and I created post about Whiskers before I created this blog. You can read his post at Daily Kos; Requiem for Whiskers & Whisker's Wants You!

My post complete with pictures of the Whiskers Memorial Butterfly Garden we created in his memory can be read here.

One of the things that touched my heart and helped me cope with the loss was The Rainbow Bridge poem, you can read it here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pandora's Story

In October 2005, My cat, Pandora and I moved to Kentucky where my dad was getting a job. My parents recently had gotten a divorce. I was living with my dad, while my brother who is two years younger than me, stayed with my mom in Tn. Shortly after moving there, I would go to the store and get Special Kitty moist cat food, it was cheaper, and Kroger was the closest. We had always gotten our cats moist cat food, although I go the more cheaper route than my mom. The cats would usually get a forkful at night as their "dinner".

Being as I didnt live with my mom anymore, I opted for the smaller cans. They would last Pan a good 3-4 days. All was going well. In June 2006, I went with my mother, brother and his girlfriend to see family who lived in IL. We were there for a week. This was at the end of June, and by the time I got back, it was the begining of July. All was fine, until I returned from this trip. Pandora was meowing...ALOT. I thought nothing of it. For the first two days. I thought she was acting out, wanting attention, because I was just gone on a trip. Well this meowing lasted a week. Solid week. She literally would meow the whole day and I only ever heard her stop, maybe twice. I thought, ok fine, vet visit.

Since we just moved there, I didnt know which vets were good, and if anything located. I was still getting used to the area. So my dad helped me pick a vet down the street from where we lived. I went there the next day. Granted, Pandora had always had good health, after awhile, we stopped going to the vet, we never needed to, until now. When I went there, they checked her out, said everything looked fine, except that she was probably dehydrated. They thought a blood test was in order. Sure enough, her numbers were high. They let her stay the weekend with an IV tube.

After the weekend was over, I went back to the vet. They said that she had Kidney Failure and she would need to be given injections every other day to keep her from being dehydrated. After I bought a bag of IV fluids and needles, etc. it turned out to be an almost $500 vet bill, but she was worth it. On the way home, I called my mom telling her the news, bursting into tears. Eventually I was told with regular injections and a keen eye, some cats could live out their remaining lives. Shortly after this my dad and stepmom were married and we moved two duplexes into a single house.

Over the course of the next several months were filled with usual trips to the vet, which I later changed to a local one that my stepmom went too, of buying IV bags and needles. We would usually pick up baby food, pedialyte, and anything else we could think of that would be easier for her to ear. Eventually it was October 2006, and I remember that mid-October I decided to visit my mom in TN, where my grandparents were also coming for a visit. I remember thinking that Pan seemed alright, but with my bad luck, she probably wouldn't last the weekend. (That is usually how my luck runs...seriously). So I went to visit, and the first day was great, got to see my grandparents, etc. Then the next morning my dad called. He said that he didn't think she "had any fight left in her". I said ok, then she needs to go in. I wasn't going to put her under any more pain. He said ok, that he would take her. After I got off the phone, my grandmother and I had a really LONG cry session on the couch. She was also crying because she had just lost her King Charles Spaniel Puppy. He fell off the deck and broke his leg, later dying in surgery.

After the session, I was sad, but knew that it was for the best. Pan had a great 7 yrs and I was going to accept that she was going under the best possible circumstances, and I wanted her pain to be over. Shortly after this, my dad called back, saying she had fight left in her, and he could take her. Apparently she kept trying to get out of his arms. All I could reply was a meager..ok.

So I finished out my weekend and returned home on a sunday evening. I took one look at Pand and burst into tears. Knowing that she would probably not last the night. I forget how late I made it back, but it must of been between 7-8 when I had returned. Shortly after, I went to bed. Throughtout the night I woke up to Pand makeing noises, not quite throwing up, but I guess it could be described as gagging. Then at 4 in the morning, she was making even worse noises. I looked under my bed where she was hiding and she was having a seizure, stroke, or something. As I dragged her out she stopped, and I held her in my arms. She took her last breaths. I was bawling. I got my stepmom and was holding her. Sitting on my bed, I heard a last minute squeek or breath..not sure. For a glimpse I had some hope...but knew that it was probably remaining air leaving her....

Pandora past away October 30, 2006. We buried her behind the house, wear I made a sort of rock garden on top of where she was buried. Covering the rocks grows ivy.
As I think back to it, I will always be sad that she past...but I am also angry at my dad. He could have taken her to the vet to be put down, but he didn't. Didn't have it in him. Eventually I had family problems a year later and had to move back with my mom in TN in 2008. Looking back I will always hold a grudge for this...I know its wrong....but the "family problems" didn't help either. This is Pandora's Story.

Whiskers' Last Days

It's really hard for me to write about our last week with Whiskers. Some things just stick in your head though. Like how the veterinarian and her staff commented on how sweet Whiskers was. They said most of the sick pets they saw were grouchy because they felt bad, but Whiskers was his same sweet loving self. How every time we dropped by the veterinarian's to visit he acted happy to see us and made the effort to get up and greet us, even though he felt miserable.

Monday, March 5, 2007 we took Whiskers to the veterinarian for his annual shots and check up. Other then a seasonal allergy he was fine. The veterinarian prescribed an antihistamine for him (that he had taken before). Monday night after eating Special Kitty Pouch Cat Food he seemed to feel bad, but I put it down to his getting his shots. By Wednesday his runny nose was worse and he wasn't eating so we took him back to the veterinarian. The veterinarian diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and kept him overnight since I was concerned with his not eating. At the time the veterinarian put the lack of appetite down to his runny nose, and gave him fluids intravenously. I was asked to bring his favourite food up there and of course I brought the Special Kitty Pouch Cat Food. We were able to bring him home Thursday afternoon. Thursday afternoon was the last time he drank any water. Thursday night he was miserable couldn't get comfortable. Hubby slept on the floor with him part of the night. Friday morning he went to his water bowl and slapped at the water splashing it all over the place but not drinking. As soon as the veterinarian was in we took him back. She did a kidney function test and kept him there on fluids and a heating pad. She called before lunch to tell us that he had lost 75% of his kidney function and recommended putting him to sleep. We held a family conference where we decided that was the best thing to do as he couldn't get better and we would only be prolonging his suffering, if we didn't. That afternoon we all went up there and petted him and told him how much he was loved. He died in our arms, March 9th, 2007.

We buried him down by the pond and created the Whiskers Butterfly Garden around his grave. I miss my Whiskers and I want him back.